Home Repairs Keep Seniors Safe at Home

April 17, 2020

From Liz Wilson, UWCA Director of Grants Management & Community Initiatives

Florence Gibson (name changed), a Meals on Wheels client since 2016, moved to her current home some years ago to be near her two sons and escape the crime that was quickly encroaching her neighborhood. While her sons check on her as much as possible, they are mostly relegated to weekends because of work schedules.

Until Meals on Wheels, Ms. Gibson relied on her sons to bring dinner late in the day after work. In the past year, one of her sons experienced a tragic medical emergency, causing him to lose a significant portion of his working memory. About this same time, a severe storm moved through the area and blew limbs and debris into Ms. Gibson’s yard and on her roof. Meals on Wheels arranged a clean-up at her home, during which staff learned that her roof, which had been entirely patched over three times, was leaking into her living room, the primary area in which she stays.


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